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Here, a small group of fans and collectors maintain a forum where the 1950's Great Western Arms is discussed.


Among our threads, we talk about the following and more:

  • Various Great Western models
  • History / Collectability
  • Sixgun maintenance and repair
  • The fast draw culture of the 50's and 60's
  • Erl Svendsen Firearms of Chicago
  • Colt SAA's converted to .22
  • Hy Hunter and Hawes Firearms Companies
  • Alonzo Crull .22s


Newbies, owners, enthusiasts, and serious collectors are encouraged to join the conversation.


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When was it built?  Great Western Arms manufacturing date table

There's been a widely cited table in the Blue Book of Gun Values for a long time.  This table here comes from a more recent research effort, and is more accurate

1954 GW 1 - GW4500
1955 GW4501 - GW11500
1956 11501 - 16000
1957 16001 - 18000
1958 18001 - GW19750
1959 GW19701 - GW20250
1960 GW20251 - GW21000
1961 GW21001 - GW21750
1963 GW21751 - GW22250


Have a question about when your Great Western was made or its value?

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Need insight on parts and repair?

Again, email Sack Peterson serial and description to sheriff@greatwesternarmscollector.comI'll give you good guidance.


Looking to sell? 

Good offers made on Great Westerns, stag grips, faux stag grips, and other odds and ends from the 1950's.  Please feel free to use the email and phone info above.